Express appointments are available at 8:00am for a small additional fee.
– Most pets are done within 1.5 hours. – $5 additional fee for pets under 50 lbs – $10 additional fee for pets over 50 lbs – **Express appointments are ONLY taken at 8:00am** Call for an appointment

Mini Groom

  • Bath and massage using ph balanced shampoos
  • Remoisturizing treatment if needed
  • Blueberry vanilla facial scrub used to wash face
  • Blow dry
  • Toenails trimmed (may be filed for an additional fee)
  • Ears cleaned and inspected
  • Complete brush/comb out
  • Sanitary trim if needed
  • Scissor around face and paws if needed **This DOES NOT include any trimming of the body**
  • Bows or bandanna and cologne if desired
  • Most small dogs $30 – $35
  • Most medium dogs $35 – $40
  • Most large dogs $40 and up
  • Due to their size we are unable to accommodate dogs weighing more than 100lbs.
  • These are estimates. Please remember your dog may be more or less.
Full Groom

  • Everything included in the mini groom
  • Full haircut to breed or owners specifications
  • Due to the number of breeds and different styles please call or stop in for an individual pricing. We will be able to quote you a range.
  • Examples
  • Express appointments available!
Furminator Treatment

  • Add $10 to the price of a mini groom
  • Reduces shedding up to 90%!
  • Brush out using the Furminator tools
  • Bath and massage using the specially formulated Furminator shampoo
  • Conditioning using the specially formulated Furminator conditioner
  • Blow dry
  • Additional Furminator brush out
  • Toenails
  • Ears cleaned and inspected
  • Sanitary if needed
  • Scissor around face and paws if needed
  • Bows or bandana and cologne if desired
Add On services

  • $4 nails filed
  • $4 teeth brushed
  • $5 anal glands expressed
  • $3 deep conditioning treatment
  • $3 medicated shampoo

Walk in “A La Carte” services

  • $10 nails trimmed
  • $15 nails filed
  • $5 teeth brushed
  • $10 anal glands expressed  (this includes a wash of the rear end)

Because it is a long and painful process The Fuzzy Dawg has a policy to not de-mat dogs that are in poor coat condition. The Fuzzy Dawg believes in humanity over vanity.

Due to a limited amount of space, all pets must be picked up within one hour of their pick up call. Pets left more than one hour will be charged a $10 boarding fee.   The Fuzzy Dawg is a flea free salon. Please note that if your pet has fleas we can not take them for a appointment   Thank you for understanding!